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Left Behind video game should be left out of stores

August 31, 2006 2 comments

A while ago I wrote that I wish the Left Behind series of books had never been written. A friend pointed out to me that she had been encouraged to re-examine her faith after reading the books and that she consequently devoted herself more fully to God. That is awesome and the glory goes to God in that. Unfortunately, a new video game, endorsed by Mr. LaHaye himself, only reinforces my disappointment with this group of well-meaning (I hope and believe) Christians.

Here’s an excerpt of a review of the game written on the Leadership Journal blog:

Tyndale’s new video game, Left Behind: Eternal Forces, is set for release in October, and its already coming under fire from both conservative and liberal Christians. Set in present-day New York City, the game pits the army of the Antichrist against born again Christians. Players are rewarded for winning converts or killing those who resist the gospel. Dialogue in the game includes Christians shouting “Praise the Lord” before blowing away unbelievers.

Players may also switch sides and fight for the Antichrist with an army of cloven-hoofed demons that feast on the faithful. One of the game’s creators finds the “prayer button” particularly nifty. Before going into holy war, a Christian may pray to boost their “Spirit Points.” Honestly, I’m not making this up—I wish I was. </p>

Tim LaHaye, author of the Left Behind books, says the video game was created to reach a new population with the gospel. “We hope teenagers like the game,” he said. “Our real goal is to have no one left behind.” So far Christian video games have been unsuccessful at breaking into the very lucrative youth gaming market, but Eternal Forces’ co-creator Jeffery S. Frichner is hopeful. “It’s got all the Christian stuff, and it’s still got all the cool stuff.”<!–p>

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additional pics

August 30, 2006 1 comment

We came home from the hospital today at 11:30 am. Thank you to everyone who helped us during the last couple days. You words and actions and visits and gifts are greatly appreciated.

Here are some more pics. To view them, click here.

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take a look

August 29, 2006 5 comments

Here’s some pics of little Drew and his folks.


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and the name is…

August 29, 2006 2 comments

After going back and forth on quite a few options we chose the name…

Andrew Titus Balvin

*FYI – we will be vigilant about asking people to either call him by his full first name or Drew (no offense to the many Andy’s of the world). Please join us in our efforts!

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say what?

August 29, 2006 6 comments

19 hours after admission.

Not long after I got back to our room Stephanie started experiencing some strong contractions. The nurse came to check her out and then she up’d the epidural dosage. Then, around 6:47 pm, the pain grew pretty intense. The nurse decided it was time to get ready for the baby and so she called the doctor on duty.

Stephanie wasn’t waiting around for any doctor. It amazes me that when a woman knows its time to push – she knows! It didn’t take any more than 4 pushes before the newest addition to the Balvin family arrived on the scene.

At 7:06 pm, a beautifully pink, 7 lb. 7 oz., 21 and 3/4 inch long baby boy was born. You might have to read that sentence again because you may have missed the fact that I said BOY. Yep! It was a BOY. We had been thinking girl for months but tonight God blessed us with a perfect little baby BOY! It was completely amazing.

*I will announce the name tomorrow when we decide on it.

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some action I missed

August 28, 2006 Leave a comment

18.5 hours after admission.

When I got back to our room after my last post Stephanie filled me in on all the action I had missed while I was gone. Since the baby’s heart rate was a bit low they had Stephanie breathing with an oxygen mask. They also inserted a couple catheters, one to inject fluid into the placenta and one to monitor Stephanie’s contraction intensity. And to keep an eye on the baby’s heart rate they stuck some electrode thing on the head. Lots of action but it all sounds preventative and not for worrying about. She is currently a 6 and 100%.

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August 28, 2006 2 comments

17.5 hours since admission.

The last couple hours have been the most dramatic yet. Stephanie started to get some very strong contractions and was in quite a bit of pain. The nurse gave her some medicine to help with the pain but eventual Stephanie asked for an epidural. Waiting for the anaesthesiologist to arrive was difficult. Stephanie was squeezing my fingers extremely firmly as she tried to breathe through the contractions (thank God she didn’t break my thumb but it was close).

During one particularly tough one she whispered to me, “You’re getting snipped. I am not doing this again.” I think maybe she was kidding, right?

Praise God for medical advancements. The epidural is amazing. Stephanie is resting much easier now. The nurse comes occasionally to check on her and the baby (all the contracting and drugs and commotion have the little one somewhat on edge). We appreciate your prayers. Hopefully it will just be another 2-3 hours!

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