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My Amazing Wife

January 30, 2007 Leave a comment

Way to go Stephanie!

Tupperware had some really great deals for people who hosted parties in January. My wife took advantage of that and worked super hard over the course of the month to met some challenging sales goals. She recently admitted to me that on a team 123 sales people she is in the top 3 for total sales. Pretty cool.

Thanks babe for the hard work you do. Being a stay at home mom with our crazy kids is a full time job in itself. You are amazing!

PS- If anyone needs Tupperware or wants to host a party and get free stuff, check out my wife’s blog and leave her a comment.

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Precious Moments and Milestones

January 29, 2007 Leave a comment

Today Jacob’s papa and nana took him downtown to watch the Sesame Street Live show and then back to their house for a sleep over. After eating lunch and saying goodbye it was hard not to marvel at how big my little buddy has gotten. The days of being a stay at home dad and spending my days reading theology to him and watching Dr. Phil don’t seem like that long ago. I am so thankful to God for being given the amazing responsibility of raising such a wonderful treasure. Jacob brings unending streams of joy into my life.

The added bonus of one child leaving is the amount of focused energy I am able to give to the other two. Isabelle and I had such fun today tickling and wrestling and reading and singing. She packs more energy and passion into everything she does than any other child I have seen. At Target today she didn’t stop showing me things and enthusiastically pointing out the name of everything she could. And this doesn’t even include her random requests for ‘pop’, ‘ice cream’ and ‘bubble gum.’

Andrew doesn’t do to much yet, but we did have some fun laying on the ground, tickling and drooling (him not me) and watching golf.

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A Good Church Under Friendly Fire in St. Louis

January 28, 2007 Leave a comment

Why is it that Christians have to throw such a fuss about other Christians who consume alcohol?

It is like some Christians just want to fight with other Christians about stupid stuff. And too often the people with the issues are the people who aren’t making an evangelistic impact on anybody anyway. Maybe they have time to pick fights because they aren’t busy doing any ministry work?

Darrin Patrick leads one of the youngest and fastest growing churches in his area. And yet other Christians in his area want to pick fights. Makes me shake me head…

Update: Darrin shares some of his thoughts on the article in a comment on Steve McCoy’s blog. Here is an excerpt…

The Journey’s policy on alcohol is that we do not personally encourage nor do we corporately promote alcohol as a church. The article could be read to sound like we have grown as a church because of our “beer ministry.” Totally ridiculous.

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Words About Coaches Dungy and Smith

January 27, 2007 Leave a comment

Michael Smith at

Dungy and Smith are role models, not just for coaches who look like them or men who look like them, but for all coaches and all men. They live their lives the right way, and as a result they do their jobs the same way. Their priorities are, in order: faith, their families and football. The outcome of the Super Bowl or any game does not define them. They personify words such as class, grace, dignity, honor and integrity.

(HT: MT)

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Reading is an Important Christian Discipline

January 27, 2007 Leave a comment

Albert Mohler:

Reading is an important Christian discipline. Further, growth as a Christian disciple is closely tied to the reading of the Bible, as well as worthy Christian books. This is why the Christian church has championed the cause of literacy. It is why the Reformers fought for the translation of the Scriptures into vernacular languages.

A loss of literacy and respect for the book amounts to grave danger for the Christian church. The transmission of Christian truth has been closely tied to scrolls, codices, and books throughout the history of the Church — a legacy inherited from the Jews, who often protected the sacred scrolls with their lives.

The electronic media have their places and uses, and I am thankful for the accessibility of so much worthy and important information through digital means. Nevertheless, the electronic screen is not the venue for lengthy, thoughtful, serious reading. The vehicle for serious reading is the book, and the Christian should be a serious reader.

Do our own young people read books? Do they know the pleasures of the solitary reading of a life-changing page? Have they ever lost themselves in a story, framed by their own imaginations rather than by digital images? Have they ever marked up a page, urgently engaged in a debate with the author? Can they even think of a book that has changed the way they see the world . . . or the Christian faith? If not, why not?

(HT: Justin Taylor)

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The Difference Between Promotion and Presentation

January 26, 2007 Leave a comment

I recently had the privilege of being a guest blogger on the Church Marketing Sucks blog. Here is a snippet of what I wrote…

I love how Franquiz picks up on the difference between promotion and presentation. First impressions is about leaving a taste in people’s mouth that makes them more willing to ‘try it‘ again. True, if your first impressions ministry is solely focused on promoting ‘this or that’ in your church for the sake of self-glory or reputation, you have trouble. But if your impressions ministry…

To read the whole entry and check out CMS , click here.

And guess what, CMS has a comment option, so anyone who wants to weigh in can do so there.

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Chipotle Response

January 26, 2007 Leave a comment

Finally heard back from Chipotle. Here is their reply:


Thank you for letting us know about your visit. I’m sorry for the condition of our restroom. We will look into that right away. As for changing tables…I’m sure those will be considered for the future as well.

Have fun with those little ones and thanks for bringing them in to see us!

Dawn Dillon
Mojo Mama

I’m bummed that I didn’t get any gift cards or anything but I do appreciate the fact they personally responded to my concerns and didn’t pass me off to somebody else. I also appreciate the fact that they recognized my kids and understand

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