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White Box in the Mail!

I didn’t blog this last week because I was so stinking sick, but I did have a bright spot in one of my days when a white box showed up on my porch. Inside the box where some gifts from a blogging friend of mine who is organizing what I am sure is going to be an amazing one-day conference called The Whiteboard Sessions in May. I can’t wait to get away with my wife and finally meet Ben in person. Plus, the conference line-up is sweet!

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New Blogger Feature

October 25, 2007 1 comment

Blogger has added a new feature that I think is awesome. It is a comment follow-up option. Basically, when I leave a comment on someone’s Blogger Blog I can choose to be emailed when new comments are added to the stream I am involved with. This way I don’t have to keep returning to a blog and checking the comments area of a post to see if anyone has replied. This a a cool feature.

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Being Careful About What I Write

September 15, 2007 3 comments

A friend of mine cautioned me about talking too much about work related issues on my blog (thanks man). I checked into it with my HR person and they advised me of the same thing. Apparently the company is worried about confidentiality and things like that. So, because my job is more important than my blog, I will be more careful about what I write here.

It’s interesting though; the rise of blogging has created problems for corporations that have never been encountered before. Some companies, like Microsoft, have embraced blogging as a way for employees to connect with customers and to expand the customer base. Other companies have strict rules limiting or even squelching work-related blogging all together. I know that some soldiers got in trouble for some of the war related blogging they did and it makes me wonder how free speech and censorship fit into the whole equation? Shouldn’t I be able to say anything I want, provided that I don’t disclose company confidential information?

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