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Leading for the Good of People and Business

January 9, 2007 Leave a comment

I am going through some leadership challenges right now and it is really bothering me. I am struggling to reconcile my faith and values in all situations. I want to be good to people, show every one the grace that has been shown me and make worthy investments in the future of young people. Yet at the same time I feel responsible to make money and lead a top notch store for the owner of the business. And feel like those things are clashing right now.

My challenge is figuring out how to blend these two things, the good of people and the good of the business, together over the long term. At the present I am wrestling with finding a ‘both/and’ solution that would be a win for everyone involved. And in the back of my mind I know that means a lot of hard work on my part, having some tense conversations and risking the fact that people may not like me afterwards – not really the kind of stuff that gets people excited and up and out of the bed in the morning.

I know God is teaching me a lot right now and I am thankful. But sometimes…it sucks.

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That’s Quotable (Anne Ceruti)

December 29, 2006 Leave a comment

“We don’t interview people specifically for a role as many would think. We look at them by their ability to grow with the company, to lead and collaborate. Someone who’s looking for a very structured environment, everything nailed down all the time, like at a manufacturing company, might not be someone we’re looking for, because we’re a creative company.”

Anne Ceruti, VP for Talent Acquisition at Walt Disney as quoted on (December 26, 2006)

(HT: Tony Morgan)

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