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Fasting: Why and How

I’ve had a few fasts in my life. Sometimes I fasted from food, other times I fasted from TV or pop or some other thing. Can’t say that fasting is a sure thing to spiritual breakthrough, but it positively is a biblical discipline that I would venture to guess is under practiced in the church today. I could, however, be completely wrong about this because fasting is usually an intensely personal practice. The elders at Mars Hill Church in Seattle are planning a day of fasting and they have posted some Scriptures and thoughts on fasting here.

From the above linked blog….

John Calvin said in his fourth Institutes book that fasting has three objectives: “We use it to weaken or subdue the flesh that it may not act wantonly [lacking restraint], that we may be better prepared for prayers and holy meditations and that it may be a testimony of our self-abasement [humiliation] before God when we wish to confess our guilt before him.”


It Will Grow Back

February 9, 2008 Leave a comment

I posted about this concept a few weeks ago, but here is the entire article that I wrote published on an awesome online Christian magazine for men, Prodigal Son Magazine.

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Your Hair Will Grow Back

January 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Tonight while I was telling the kids the story of Samson before bed my mind came to rest on this verse, “22 But the hair of his head began to grow again after it had been shaved.” I didn’t know exactly what the verse said but the thought occurred to me that there must have been some amount of time that passed between when Samson was captured by the Philistines and when he gave his live to destroy the house he was shackled in.

I wondered what that time was like. We read in Judges 16 that when Samson was captured his eyes were gouged out leaving him blind. We also read that the Philistines would have Samson brought before them for some kind of entertainment. It must have been a humiliating time for the once proud man. Not being able to see and not being able to defend himself against such embarrassment could have driven Samson mad. He could have denied God and cursed God for laving him in such a state. But I don’t think he did.

The verse above tells the tale. Over time, what must have seemed like an eternity for the warrior turned blind court jester, Samson’s hair grew. But not only his hair was restored. It is possible that his heart for his God was restored as well.

The chances are good that you have done something to dishonor God. The Bible says that everyone has turned from God and gone his own way at some point. Sometimes the choices we make has very serious consequences that leave us feeling blind, or humiliated, or shackled. Just like Samson. The good news is that because of Jesus death on the cross our hair will grow back. And we can be used by God again.

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Reading as the Sun Comes Up

October 17, 2007 1 comment

It is 6:30 AM and I rolled into the local coffee shop to do some work. The only other person in here is a lady sitting in the corner reading her bible.

Crazy, I know her and she just stopped to say hello

Does anybody else in the world get up so early to sit and read? Kind of a weird Christian practice, but one that is foundational to me experiencing growth and strength in my walk with God.

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