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Target Update – Official Offer

August 23, 2007 8 comments

It is official and I couldn’t be happier. Yesterday I was offered a position with Target as an Executive Team Lead. I am very excited about the opportunity to build a career with such a wonderful corporation. The salary and benefits package are substantially higher than what I currently make and will improve our family life greatly. Plus, much of the stress on Stephanie will be lightened.

My prayer now is that I would be able to start the day after Labor Day. Right now I think I will be part of the South Metro district, so Stephanie and I are also praying that our house will sell quickly! We hope to find a new place in the Burnsville/ Lakeville/ Apple Valley area. Praise God for all this.

My last day at the A&W will be Saturday. It is sad to think about leaving all the people but I will not miss the stink!

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Target Update – Got a Call Today

August 22, 2007 3 comments

Wow. That was fast! This morning I got the call I was praying for. Target called and told me that they would like to offer me a position. The woman I spoke with didn’t have many details and said I would hear more tomorrow. I wouldn’t normally say anything until the deal is sealed, but my wonderful wife can’t contain herself when it comes to exciting news, and so I figured I should post something. God is good and we are very excited about what the future holds for us!

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Target Update – Third Interview Recap

August 21, 2007 Leave a comment

Had a great interview yesterday. I met with a man named Tim. He is the District Team Leader in the area of the Twin Cities where I had previously told Target I would like to be (South Metro). We had a great conversation that even included some high school hockey/ Boston Red Sox talk.

Lord willing I should hear back later this week. Thanks for the prayers!

Speaking of prayers – we are waiting to hear if Stephanie will be invited back for a third interview at Bethel. Please pray for wisdom and guidance in her opportunities as well.

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Target Update – I Have Another Interview

August 11, 2007 4 comments

Praise Jesus! Today I spoke with a Target HR woman and she asked if I would be interested in a third interview; of course I was excited and quickly accepted. My next, and, Lord-willing, final, interview will be with a senior level executive on Monday August 20. Stephanie and I are anxious about what the future holds for us and we continue to trust in the wonderful hands of Jesus. Thanks for you prayers.

Now I need to get a suit! What colour do you think best suits me? 🙂

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Target Update – First/Second Interview Recap

August 8, 2007 2 comments

The interview went really well today. I actually did two interviews. Now I will be waiting this week to hear whether I did well enough to score a third interview next week. Lord willing I will hear positive news soon.

Thanks everyone for the prayers. I woke up with a serious stomach bug that has left me feeling horrible all day. Now, since I have had no caffeine today, my headache is starting to kick in.

I want to say a special thank you to Stephanie who brought me coffee (before she knew I was sick), bought me some new shoes and dress shirts, and kept the kids busy so I could get some extra rest this morning. Thanks babe!

(The picture is for you Margaret. Blue dress shirt, black pants, new shiny black shoes, and a red and blue tie.)

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Interview Today

August 7, 2007 4 comments

Interview today. 1 pm. Holla!

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Target Update – I Got an Interview

July 24, 2007 1 comment

Finally some good news to report. I got a call from a woman at Target yesterday. I have an interview set up for August 7. I will be interviewing for an Executive Team Lead position, which is a person who oversees different areas in a local Target store.

Had to wait two weeks to hear from them, now I have to wait two weeks to interview. But at least is is progress! Praise Jesus.

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