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Laptop Gets New Life

February 1, 2008 Leave a comment

The power cord for my laptop died last November. We haven’t had many discretionary funds since then so I had been putting the purchase of a new one off. Last week I couldn’t take it anymore, and thanks to a friend’s help, I was able to buy a used cord off of Ebay. It came to my house today and I couldn’t be more excited about getting my computer back!

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I Think I Need This

January 16, 2008 3 comments

Wow. I want one. Bad.

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Phun with Photoshop

January 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Stephanie and I had some fun messing around and learning the Adobe Photoshop program today. I have been wanting to add a little ‘something’ to my blog and I think I’m on track to do that now. It is a spiritual endeavor as well, because my computer is so stinking slow that when I use Photoshop every change bogs the whole thing down. I think I need a Mac….

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The Developing Computer Skills of My Kids

December 11, 2007 Leave a comment

Tonight Stephanie took Isabelle and Andrew on a quick errand. While they were gone I sat done to read a book but my attention was quickly drawn to the computer screen. My four year old was sitting on the chair in front of the desk with his feet hanging a foot and a half from the ground, playing computer games on

I was shocked as I watched him navigate the screen and follow the prompts he was given. Amazingly he knew how to manipulate the mouse to select and move things on the screen. He also knew how to identify and utilize the back arrow so that he could return to the main game option screen. These are skills he has developed almost completely on his own by watching Stephanie and I and trough trial and error. My three year old is close behind him, watching and learning from her older brother.

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The Amazon Kindle

November 29, 2007 1 comment

This is an awesome new product from Amazon that I am totally pumped about! It is a digital reading device with tons of cool features. I can’t wait to see one of these up close and I would love to have one. Please Santa!

Check out the video.

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Facebook and MySpace Highlight American Social Class Divisions

August 14, 2007 Leave a comment

I have never really got into the whole MySpace thing. There is something I don’t like about the customization and wallpaper pieces. I think MySpace’s generally end up messy and disorganized and ugly. Plus, I always felt the majority of people who use MySpace are somewhat different than me.

This morning I read an article in Newsweek that reiterated and somewhat validated the thoughts I had.

A few weeks ago, [Danah] Boyd—who has done extensive ethnographic work on online behavior, blog-posted an essay tentatively sharing her (admittedly nonscientific) findings after months of interviews, field observations and profile analysis. Generally, she contended, “The goodie two shoes, jocks, athletes and other ‘good’ kids are now going to Facebook. These kids tend to come from families who emphasize education and going to college.” MySpace is still home for “kids whose parents didn’t go to college, who are expected to get a job when they finish high school.”

Boyd’s ideas about the two online social networking sites have come under heavy criticism with critics pointing out that many people use both MySpace and Facebook, and in a society that vehemently hates the idea of labeling people groups and classes, Boyd’s findings are risky to document. But I agree with Boyd and my own experience, albiet very non-scientific, confirms what she writes. “What I was doing was showing the caricature, not arguing that everything boils down to one versus the other.”

I have not yet read Ms. Boyd’s entire post but you can access it here.

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YouVersion Example

July 14, 2007 1 comment

YouVersion used one of my posts on their blog as an example of how YouVersion could be used. Cool. Check it out. And if you haven’t heard about YouVersion make sure to read more about it here.

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