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Phun with Photoshop

January 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Stephanie and I had some fun messing around and learning the Adobe Photoshop program today. I have been wanting to add a little ‘something’ to my blog and I think I’m on track to do that now. It is a spiritual endeavor as well, because my computer is so stinking slow that when I use Photoshop every change bogs the whole thing down. I think I need a Mac….

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The Gospel Coalition

If you are into..

– growing spiritually
– engaging in great conversations
– developing your doctrine
– Tim Keller, Mark Driscoll, and other Christian leaders
– reformed theology
– connecting the Gospel to the culture

Check out this new site: The Gospel Coalition

Website Update: The Resurgence

The Resurgence is a great site from the teaching ministry of Mars Hill Church that provides free resources for theological training. These resources include articles, blogs, podcasts and vodcasts on all sorts of theological subjects. In their own words…

Resurgence is a movement that resources multiple generations to live for Jesus so that they can effectively reach their cities with the gospel by staying culturally accessible and Biblically faithful.

The website has recently had some minor changes that I think make it look much cleaner, modern and attractive. I recommend that anyone who reads my blog and has any interest in theology should bookmark this site and use it for your own benefit.

(HT: Matt Morgan)

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New Life Church Website

Props to Terry Storch and the web team at Life Church. The new site looks great. Very clean. Very clear. Very user friendly. I love it.

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Bethlehem Baptist Gets an Online Facelift

February 28, 2007 Leave a comment

Bethlehem Baptist Church (where John Piper serves as teacher elder) has recently launched a new website and is going to begin using a new logo. I think the site is sharp-looking and contains a lot of valuable information. However, all the content could be its primary drawback; it will depend, I guess, on how user friendly the different links and pages are.

Here is an excerpt of what Piper had to say about the new logo and website…

We love the way the green color breathes with life — the gift Christ bought for us on the cross. And we see the circles as people coming to the cross and exploding to the world. We think the new logo captures more of the vision of Treasuring Christ Together, since Christ is at the center of it and because it works for all the campuses, not just downtown. May the Lord make us living, Christ-exalting, cross-centered, and gathering worshippers and world witnesses!

So is green the ‘in’ color for church websites these days? (Mars Hill)

I think that having a good looking church website is only going to increase in importance as time goes by. More and more people are searching for churches online. Many people will make a decision about visiting or not visiting your church based on your website alone. I think that investing in a nice, clean, sharp looking, user friendly website (that includes both information and experiences, such as podcasts and vodcasts) is a vital part of any First Impressions ministry, and it is something that cannot be over-looked or under-funded.

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Nice Web Work at Mars Hill

February 21, 2007 1 comment

Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI has done a website overhaul that looks very sharp and is worth checking out. I love the simple use of space, the green font and the black and white photography.

If I was a designer I think this would be my style. I really like it when things that look clean and uncluttered. The large white margins on the page seem to make the photographs central and they grab my eye immediately. Plus, the rectangular shape of the photos defines the space sharply and places everything within a certain order and structure.

Does anyone know if this kind of design has a specific name? Or could you point me to some art/interior design that utilizes some of the this I am so terribly describing?

(Oh yeah…in case you didn’t know…Mars Hill is pastored by some dude named Rob Bell.)

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70 Tips for Effective Church Websites

November 11, 2006 Leave a comment

More on church websites from an old post at Church

Gospel Communications has created a website for Internet Evangelism Day that offers a comprehensive list of over 70 tips to consider when developing a church website to reach your community. Not every tip will be right for your church, but they do offer some good food for thought. I do not agree with all seventy plus tips, but some of the ones that I would recommend include:

2. A good church site must communicate with three very different target groups: (1) the church members, (2) Christians moving to the area who are looking for a new church, and (3) non-Christians in the community.

3. If you wish your site to reach non-Christians in the community, make a conscious decision that this is to be an over-riding priority for every aspect of the site.

5. Avoid all “churchy” jargon and “Christianese” language throughout the site, especially on the homepage.

8. A primary task of the website is to convince non-Christians of these four things: (1) our church is made up of real people, (2) we understand their problems, (3) we are a community, family, and there is unconditional welcome waiting for them, and (4) in that context, God can meet them and help them.

15. Consider a “New to this site?” visitors link on your homepage. This enables you to offer a particular welcome to an outsider.

24. Your church site will be the first point of contact for many people in your community. First impressions count.

25. Do not place too much information on your homepage.

27. Avoid “churchy” graphics – open Bibles, stained glass windows, doves, candles. And appeals for money. These are off-putting to many non-Christians.

36. Also learn how to use CSS.

37. Use colors correctly: understand how to choose a color scheme, how colors relate to each other, and what mood they communicate.

43. Don’t leave out-of-date content online.

46. Take time to assess your target audience, their interests, needs and circumstances.

57. Test your site from a technical viewpoint in different browsers, and at different screen resolutions.

62. Do not offer too many links in your navigation menu.

64. Make sure your pages download quickly.

73. Ensure that every day, someone reads incoming emails to the church.

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