Bad Day, Tough Call, Future Hope

April 16, 2008 1 comment

A blogging friend posted this yesterday.

The worst day of my life was in 2000 when the doctor told us we could not have children on our own. Devastating. Eight years and two kids later, everything turned out better than we ever thought it would.

The second worst day of my life was today. Read more…

Very tough stuff. I know from experience though that his family will be taken care of and the work of God will continue on.


Thankful for Friends

Yesterday I had a situation where I needed to get a hold of a friend and ask him to hold me accountable on some stuff. I knew that I would make the wrong choice if I didn’t bring someone else into my struggle. Text messaging him and bringing my issue into the light was hard at first but it was completely liberating in the end.

I am so thankful that I have a friend who will love and accept me no matter what. Do you have someone in your life that you can call on with confidence in your time of trial and trouble? I pray you do.

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Long Weekend and Lots of the NHL

April 14, 2008 1 comment

It has been a long weekend with work. This has left me pretty tired every night and going to sleep early. Not much time to blog.

All my extra time has been spent enjoying the NHL playoffs. Thanks the good Lord above for Versus.

Here are my first round picks:

Red Wings
Sharks Flames


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Fasting: Why and How

I’ve had a few fasts in my life. Sometimes I fasted from food, other times I fasted from TV or pop or some other thing. Can’t say that fasting is a sure thing to spiritual breakthrough, but it positively is a biblical discipline that I would venture to guess is under practiced in the church today. I could, however, be completely wrong about this because fasting is usually an intensely personal practice. The elders at Mars Hill Church in Seattle are planning a day of fasting and they have posted some Scriptures and thoughts on fasting here.

From the above linked blog….

John Calvin said in his fourth Institutes book that fasting has three objectives: “We use it to weaken or subdue the flesh that it may not act wantonly [lacking restraint], that we may be better prepared for prayers and holy meditations and that it may be a testimony of our self-abasement [humiliation] before God when we wish to confess our guilt before him.”

Shout to the Lord on American Idol

Stephanie told me that last night American Idol closed it’s special “Idol Gives Back’ episode with the final 8 contestants signing the worship song Shout to the Lord. She was kind of surprised at that, and so was I. There was one one thing that she didn’t tell me, and what many people probably didn’t even notice, but what Josh Harris did. In the first line of the song they changed the lyrics from “My Jesus, My Savior” to “My Shepard, My Savior.” Interesting huh? See more of what Josh has to say about it here or watch the performance here.

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God Will Guide Us

I read this quote this morning here. It speaks to Stephanie and my life in a unique way right now…

“I am satisfied that when the Almighty wants me to do, or not to do, a particular thing, he finds a way of letting me know it.” -Abraham Lincoln

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April 8, 2008 1 comment

Why did I title my previous post “Public School Strikes Again”? Because I think that ALL public schools have HORRIBLE teachers and PATHETIC curriculums that put non-college bound students BEHIND for the REST of their lives.

You honestly don’t think I’m serious do you….

With a wife and mother in public school education I know the above statement is far from the truth. I actually used that title as more of an inside joke for all my readers who enjoy a certain preacher out there. Sorry if I offended anyone.

Rock on public schools!

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