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Collection of My Thoughts

December 31, 2006 Leave a comment

At the stroke of midnight 2007 begins. I also will turn 27 years old. Sitting in my living room right now watching the sticky wet snow collect on the ground provides me the chance to observe the stream of thoughts running through my head. Want to hear some?

– Wow I can’t believe I will be twenty seven.
– My kids drink too much juice.
– I hope the Packers win tonight.
– I get frustrated too easily with my wife and kids.
– I wish people could understand what I really think and feel, all the time.
– I wish I could understand what other people really think and feel, all the time.
– Why do my kids love to play in the bathroom?
– My wife and I need to have more conversations.
– How late should I stay up tonight?
– I am still hungry, my peanut butter and sandwich were not enough.
– When is everyone coming over today?
– I think Stephanie got me a Bible for my birthday. I can’t wait to find out.
– Wireless internet is the best!
– I love my kids and wife. I have a wonderful family.
– Should I yell at my kids for slamming the door? That was always a big one in my house growing up.
– I want to write more in 2007.
– I want to read more in 2007.
– I want to become more like Jesus in 2007.
– The pastors had too many points in his sermon today. Too much to think about and respond to. He needed to focus on something and ‘land the plane’ sooner.
– Frick, my satellite isn’t working because of all the snow.

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That’s Quotable (Anne Ceruti)

December 29, 2006 Leave a comment

“We don’t interview people specifically for a role as many would think. We look at them by their ability to grow with the company, to lead and collaborate. Someone who’s looking for a very structured environment, everything nailed down all the time, like at a manufacturing company, might not be someone we’re looking for, because we’re a creative company.”

Anne Ceruti, VP for Talent Acquisition at Walt Disney as quoted on (December 26, 2006)

(HT: Tony Morgan)

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Why Balvin and Batterson Blog

December 28, 2006 Leave a comment

Why Mark Batterson blogs…

I think of blogging as a spiritual discipline-digital discipleship. It’s the way I process what God is doing in my life. In fact, I’ll print off my entire 06 blog and read it as a year-end reflection exercise this week. I want to make sure I’m learning the lessons God is trying to teach me!

I totally agree with you Mark.

One reason I blog is because blogging is an easy way for me to record, review, research and recall the things I am learning and the ways I am growing. I feel like blogging places me in a a stream with other men and women with the same convictions and aspirations. It also puts me in a position to hear from people who think differently than I do. It refines me thoughts, clarifies my convictions and forces me to stop, reflect and record.

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The Top 20 Web Sites for Church Communicators

December 28, 2006 Leave a comment

Kevin Hendricks is a cool guy and he has compiled a great list of websites for Outreach Magazine. The list consists of 20 websites geared for church leaders and communicators. I personally visit or benefit from a large number of these sites on a regular basis. Check out the list here.

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Wired Churches Ministry Resources

December 28, 2006 Leave a comment

If you are looking for innovative, creative, relevant, compelling, inspiring ministry resources make sure you spend some time poking around the new Wired Churches website.

Wired Churches is a ministry of Granger Community Church and it has all kinds of resources to make your services snap, crackle and pop!

Plus, Wired Churches is now offering resources from other great churches like National Community Church and New Spring Church.

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Benefits of a Community Center Membership

December 27, 2006 Leave a comment

Our family recently got a three month membership to the local community center. What a smart move! Stephanie and the kids have been there almost everyday since. Plus, when I am home from work Stephanie goes over by herself and works out on the weights and machines there.

Tonight after dinner we all headed over to play in the community center pool. They have a nice area for kids that included a tire swing and a small water slide. They even have a family hot tub that I can sit in with the kids. Jacob loves the pool and Isabelle is getting more and more brave.

Another benefit of the community center membership is the Romp’n’Stomp play area. It is a nice place for Stephanie to bring the kids during the long days when I am working. They can expend some pent up winter energy in a safe environment. And since they are not a McDonald’s there is no temptation to buy junky food while the play.

Hopefully, repeated trips to the community center will present us the opportunity to get to know some people in our community. I am a big proponent of building relationships with non-Christians by regularly visiting the same places. Stephanie is especially good at this.

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New A&W Employee: My Wife

December 27, 2006 Leave a comment

Today Stephanie came to work with me at the A&W. My mom is on winter break from work and she and my sister graciously watched the kids for us. It was nice to hang out with Stephanie during the day and to make a little extra cash around the holidays. I was amazed at how quickly Stephanie picked up on things like working the cash register and taking orders. She did a great job. I could easily see us working together on some sort of venture in the future.

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