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Your Store Smells Like….

May 31, 2007 1 comment

One of my first customers today commented that the store smelled like a combination of the Zoo and Valleyfair. He said it was a mix of fish – like the polar bear exhibit – and all of the food at the amusement park.

Don’t know if that was a compliment, or a complaint, or simply an observation. I’m hoping for the latter, and I’m encouraged that he stayed and enjoyed his meal.

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Prayer Requests

Would really appreciate your prayers this week.

Stephanie and I have both been waiting to hear back on a couple things and we expect some kind of news either this week or next. I am also going to be having an important conversation tomorrow that I hope will provide Stephanie and I with a clearer sense of what direction we should head in the future. In addition to that, we are hoping to have our house finished and ready to be listed by June 1st.

Needless to say there is some stress in the Balvin home. Requested prayers would include…

– patience in all circumstances and with all people
– exceptional child behaviour
– focus on what need to be accomplished
– wisdom and discernment in planning
– joy in whatever God reveals to us
– that we would know and experience the desire of our hearts


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Student Graduation Protests in Texas

A friend sent me a link to this article this morning.

There is a group of students and parents picketing some Forth Worth (TX) school district offices today representing the “613 Fort Worth seniors who did not pass the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills exam.”

I don’t really understand why school officials are not allowing the students to walk in the graduation ceremony when they haven’t graduated? Maybe it has something to do with the signs they’re parents are holding?

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Bonds and the Baseball Hall of Fame

A majority of baseball commentators criticize him. Fans all across the country call him a selfish cheater. People act like it is more fun to jeer him than to cheer him.

And yet everybody wants his stuff.

I don’t blame Barry Bonds for not being overly generous with the MLB Hall of Fame. If I was in his spot, I might feel the same way. Why should he give his stuff away when most people don’t think he deserves the record or a place in the Hall?

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Good Eats

Just experienced my first black BBQ and I am stuffed.

I gave one of my employees and extended break time so that he could go home and eat BBQ with his family. He brought back a couple plates of ribs, chicken, sausage, and pork chops. Plus he brought a plate full of potato salad, spaghetti and baked beans. The grilled meat and homemade BBQ sauce was amazing.

I don’t know how I am getting anything else done today.

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Working Naked

Forgot my cell phone and work keys at home this morning. I feel naked without my phone.


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Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day weekend is over for me. I have to work all day tomorrow. A major downside of the food industry.

We had a good day today. Everything at church was striking an emotional cord with me. After the service we went and grilled with our small group. It was fun throwing the ball and pitching to Jacob in the yard. I hope we have a yard of our own soon.

Next, I went to visit a friend of mine. He is at a 30 day retreat center working on some issues he is facing. I love this guy and it was encouraging to walk the woods with him and just talk. I am praying that God would continue to work in his life. For his sake and for the sake of his family.

When I got home Stephanie and I took the kids to a carnival in town. Unfortunately the crazies running the thing thought that $3 was a fair price for a 30 second kid ride. NO WAY! So, we drove to Cub Foods and rode the horses for a quarter. Then we went and picked out some toys at Target. And finally, we had dinner on the patio of a local bar and grill.

It was good to spend time with the family today. Being a parent is draining and challenging and wonderful. Now I’m exhausted. Peace out.

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