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Finding Nemo Show

Had a great time with the family on Thursday night at the “Finding Nemo” On Ice Show. We forgot cash for the parking ramp so I had to drop off Stephanie and the kids and make a mad dash to get some. Luckily I know where pretty much any Super America is within 5 miles of where I am, so I made it back just in time for the beginning of the show.

My highlight of the night came during the intermission. The kids were really bummed because we couldn’t afford any toys or popcorn at the show. As we where sitting down a bag of popcorn was passed down the row our way. When I tried passing it on to the guy next to me I was told it was for the guy in glasses (which was me!).

Turns out a friend some rows up behind us had bought it for us from a vendor without even knowing our situation. It was a real blessing to our family. It was also very convicting because I often struggle with generosity and I was reminded that I need to be more active in blessing others despite my own fears and insecurities about things.

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The Kidnapping of Jesus

March 6, 2008 2 comments

This is pretty funny. Listen to the demands of the ransom note….

(HT: Steve McCoy)

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That Really Hurts

February 13, 2008 1 comment

Hope this makes you laugh on your Wednesday. This could be my kids!

(HT: Corey Mann)

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He Said I Did What?

February 7, 2008 3 comments

In case you missed this a couple days ago on my wife’s blog. I am guessing she paid Jacob to say this…

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I Thought This Was Fun

February 2, 2008 1 comment
The following is a list of phrases in the impenetrable language of “Christianese.” For those unfamiliar with this strange dialect, below you’ll find a helpful Christianese-English Dictionary so that you can find out what your Christian friend is really saying to you. I first read this on Amber Cox’s site, who had shared it from Tim Shraeder’s site. Whoever created it – well done.

1. I’ll pray about it = NO!
2. We need to pray for so and so = Guess what I just heard?!
3. I’m waiting for God to open some doors = I’m living in my parent’s basement.
4. God gave me a word for you = I have advice to help you with your disaster of a life.
5. I’m going to have my quiet time = Leave me the heck alone!
6. God is good = My life sucks.
7. Bless his/her heart = What an idiot.
8. I have the gift of discernment = I can judge people without even talking to them.
9. I was having fellowship with them = We had beer and pizza and watched the game instead of going to church.
10. I’m saved by grace, not works = I can do whatever the heck I want.
11. She caused me to stumble = What a skank.
12. I kissed dating goodbye = I couldn’t get a blind date, literally.
13. Let no unwholesome talk come out of your mouth = I can’t believe you said the real curse word!
14. I don’t mean to judge but… = I’m going to judge.
15. I’m dating Jesus right now = Are you kidding? I’m way out of your league.
16. God wants me to take some time off from this relationship = I met someone else and I’m too coward to break up with you.
17. I’ll pray about marrying you = NO!
18. God told me that we are supposed to get married = Maybe you’ll say yes if God is behind this.
19. I’m fasting = Your spiritual life is miniscule compared to mine. Try to keep up.
20. God has called me to minister to her = She’s really hot.
21. I think you should pray about it = You’ll see that I’m right.
22. We’ve decided to court, not date = My parents have a death grip on my life.
23. Courting = Homeschool dating.
24. Lord willing = My plans are His plans.
25. Take this with a grain of salt = I’m about to really offend you.
26. I’m feeling convicted about this = One day my actions might change too!
27. Have I offended you? = Why are you treating my like garbage?
28. Who wants to pray? = I don’t want to pray right now.
29. Jesus turned water into wine = Jesus turned water into grape juice. (Southern Baptist Dialect)
30. Jesus turned water into wine = I can drink whatever I want. (Presbyterian Dialect)

(HT: Mark Waltz)

My favorites were #3, 7, 9, 21. How about you, which ones made you smile?

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Something I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know About Me

January 31, 2008 1 comment

When I get home from work I like to take off my dress shirt and put on a zip up fleece jacket and my slippers – which either makes me a grandfather or Mr. Rogers!

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Blast From the Past

January 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Tonight I watched the new edition of American Gladiators. It was a total blast from the past and I loved it. I used to watch that show all the time as a kid. Then my brothers and I would recreate the events in our living room; watching the show I watched as a boy, with my own boy now, was a pretty cool feeling. Love all the Gladiator names like: Crush, Wolf, Fury, Justice, and Mayhem.

PS- One of the commercials during the Gladiators was for a new show coming out soon called ‘Knight Rider.’ If the show name doesn’t ring a bell here’s a hint about why I am pumped to see it: Kit looks just as good now as when the show first came out, maybe even better!

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